Sizing Chart

We know that buying online for Long Torsos can be fraught with danger! Our sizing guide below is created to give you piece of mind. Measuring tips can be found below the chart.

Women's Clothing

Gwynneco Sizing Chart
Measuring can be tricky. Here's a few quick tips:
  • A measuring tape is an amazing investment for online shopping if you don't fit "normal" sizing (95% of us don't) - they're only a few dollars from places like Kmart, Woolworths/Coles or Dollar Stores.
  • If you don't have a measuring tape, find a piece of string and a ruler (not as easy but also very helpful!)
  • When measuring the Bust, go across the nipple line and the widest part of your back, make sure the tape/string is horizontal to the ground all the way around. 
  • The Waist is usually about 10cm above your belly button, but essentially, it's the smallest part of your torso.
  • The Hip measurement is a little misleading, so for the uninitiated it's generally more like your butt! Choose the widest part of your hip/bottom, keep the tape/string flat to your skin and horizontal to the floor (just like for the bust).
  • When measuring your torso, measure from the bottom of your neck down to the widest part of your hips.


Still Not Sure?

If your goods arrive and they are not quite right, don't worry! We offer a full refund on all unworn clothes within 45 days of purchase. For more information on our easy returns visit our Returns page

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