• 2019 Winter Styles

    Last week we talked winter colours, now let's add in the styles that are trending for you to play with. Now, there are a few styles that are trendi...
  • Winter Colour Trends - 2019

    Wondering what colours are in fashion this Winter in the Souther Hemisphere? To be clear, in our books, black is always in fashion, but here are some other options!
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    So you've got a training day coming up and the code is 'business casual' and all of a sudden you're breaking into a cold sweat - can I wear jeans? Can I wear flats? How can I still look fabulous, but casual and looking like I didn't try at all. What does business casual actually mean??? Here's your answer!
  • What does 'Gwynneco' Mean?

    When you're in store (from Spring!) or looking at the size guide of a Gwynneco Garment, you'll notice the fit is a little different, this is why.