Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Well, this is the most fun I've had in a long time! Putting together this capsule wardrobe was fun and a little dangerous (I bought some things as I did it!). It includes pieces that you'll have in your wardrobe already, basics that you can spend a little more on to get a quality that will last you through seasons and the fun stuff that the fashion world has deemed 'in'. 


Without further ado:

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Bottoms: Is that the socially acceptable word? Who cares! Classic jeans in black and blue are a solid foundation for your casual wardrobe (and the black can be dressed up). Add in a fun leopard print skirt and you've got a completely on trend foundation for this winter. For your work wardrobe, high-waisted black pants (bear with me ladies, they'll be available for us long-torsoed folk in Spring!) and a black pencil skirt are your corporate / work wear basics. And why the wine jeans? Because they're fun and they're in (see here!). 


Tops: Your everyday black and white t-shirts are your staples now and in coming seasons. If your WInter is colder than ours (South East Queensland) you can layer them up, have thicker material and lengthen the sleeves. Collared shirts in black and white can be added to your layers and again can be used in coming seasons. These are the pieces to spend a little more on, to get something that fits well (watch this space on these too!) and will last. For a little bit of season fun, a wine coloured top that can be dressed up and down will add about 5 different combos to your capsule. 


Dresses: So this is what I bought... The wine coloured pleated woolen dress is fun, on trend and can be worn to work, out for dinner or dressed down with sneakers for the daytime. Your LBD (or not so L - BD) is also a quality piece that will transcend seasons. If you opt for sleeveless like this, you can layer it with your tops and jackets to keep warm. Knee length is flattering for all body shapes and looks classy in the office or out for dinner. (Finding knee length can be challenging I know.. again... watch this space!). 


Jackets: These three jackets are classics. When you're looking at adding a jacket to your wardrobe, the more it will last through seasons the better. With jackets, you get what you pay for, so spend a little more, choose a classic and flattering cut, then freshen it up for the current season with your accessories. Denim jacket for your casual days, black for work/dinner, and the camel trench for both! (I'm still struggling to find a camel coat that I love. I bought this one in the picture, looks great in theory... on arrival, not so much.)


Shoes: This collection of shoes is right on trend for this season (see here) as well as being classic enough to carry through into upcoming seasons.  Boots and black / tan flats for work and play, Mary Janes for work and going out and sneakers for everything else. 


Accessories: This is where you can go a little nuts with the season's trends. Spend as much or as little as you like, because it's ok if they only last you a few months. I've added in scarves in leopard print and spots, so you can give clashing patterns a go (see here) You can never go past a black scarf, it goes with everything in the wardrobe and I've added some classic bags, so you can carry them forward as well. Tote Bags are 'in'. I never realised they went out. So get the biggest one you can, fill it with everything and then get a massage to make up for it (or is that just me)?


What's your favourite piece in the capsule? The wine coloured dress and the denim jacket I think for me. 


Much love!

Jess xo