What does 'Gwynneco' Mean?

Jessica Gwynne - Founder of GwynnecoWhen you're in store (from Spring!) or looking at the size guide of a Gwynneco Garment, you'll notice the fit is a little different, here's why:


Gwynneco was born when it’s founder, Jessica Gwynne (<--The name make sense now??), was tired of not fitting. She saw all the amazing jumpsuits in stores and on fabulous women and every time she thought ‘maybe this one’ – camel toe came to visit. Never mind.


Jess always tried to “fit in” – in work, in life and her clothes. She tried many different styles, different careers, even different businesses, yet, what society kept telling her was the normal mould felt so ‘bleugh.’ Something had to change, she felt like she was wearing a mask and felt so disconnected from everyone, but worse, Jess felt disconnected from herself.


In one of those nights when it seemed like the world was ending – it wasn’t, but you know what we mean – she thought:


F%&k the Mould. When we know ourselves, we can be ourselves and the world can fit in with us.


She then learned to be her very true self and lived happily ever after… Yeah right!


It’s been a journey of finding what her mould was, small iterations here and there. With a passion for sewing, just before Christmas of 2018 she made herself a jumpsuit – camel toe free! And without realising it, Gwynneco was created. She shared the jumpsuit pic in a group and the post went crazy – turns out she wasn’t the only one with a long torso – enter stage left the Carmelno Jumpsuit.


With the help of some amazing investors, someone who actually knows what they’re doing in the fashion industry and her passion for sexy & sophisticated fashion that fits, Gwynneco is available for women the world over.


What’s considered ‘normal’ for a body shape in the fashion industry fits 5% of people – Gwynneco is for the rest of us. Bear with us, in time we’ll bring new fits for different shapes so we can all create our own mould.


Gwynneco stands for courage to be ourselves; inclusivity as beauty comes in all forms; sustainability for our world; faith and gratitude that we’re all connected; playfulness because fun in fun and change in the fashion industry to be all of these things.


Join us to break the mould and banish the term – One Size Fits All.