Spring Trends 2019

Spring has sprung (thank the Lord for that!) and while the temps haven't quite caught up with the program, the warmer weather is on its way - so what are you going to wear? Here are 8 trends that are in this Spring, let me know if you love them or hate them!


Watch the video for a quick squiz, or scroll for more. 


1. Hot Magenta

I'm totally on board with this colour - it takes up back to about 1999 - it seems fashion has a 20 year cycle. Hot Magenta in a little or a lot of your wardrobe is the rage this Spring. I'm for it, are you?

Magenta - Sally Lepointe  Magenta - Brandon Maxwell


2. Monochrome Nude

Kylie Jenner wore this trend on the runway for Spring, do you love the full nude look? If I wasn't blonde, I'd probably be more into it. With my skin and hair colour I'd end up fading into the background completely. Dark haired girls, what do you think?

 Neutrals - Tom Ford  Neutrals - Burberry

 3. Bermuda Shorts

Like them or hate them, it's short wearing season and two trends coming back in are bike shorts (ah, no thanks!) or Bermuda shorts - think tasteful length shorts that leave something to the imagination - yes please! I'll take a trip to the Bahamas too thanks!

Bermuda Shorts - Ph5  Bermuda Shorts - Sally Lepointe

4. Polka Dots

Straight up yes. Like animal print, I don't think Polka Dots ever go out of fashion, though they're particularly in fashion this season. 

Polka Dots - Caroline Herrera  Polka Dot Shoes


5. Animal Prints

Speaking of which, Animal Prints remain a trend we carry through from Winter (and caveman times). You'll see a little more Zebra print making it's way into the shops along with the usual leopard print. 

 Zebra Print - Zang Toi  Zebra Print - Adeam

6. Mixed Patterns

Clashing Prints is another trend we're keeping from Winter. How did you go with it last season? I didn't get much further than spots and stripes, maybe I'll be a little more adventurous this season!

 Mixed Patterns - DVF  Mixed Pattern - Self Portrait

7. Sheer Bottoms

Dubbed the "pants for people who don't like weaking pants" - this trend is all about showing your legs off. It's not for me, are you brave enough to give it a try?

 Sheer - Christian Siriano  Sheer - Laquan Smith

8. One Shoulder

Now this one I am on board with! Whether it be tops, dresses or jumpsuits, instead of 'off the shoulder' like last year, this season is about one shoulder. Makes it a little easier for those who need to wear a good bra!

One Shoulder - Cushnie  One Shoulder - Elie Saab


Love them or hate them, which one is your favorite? Let me know!

Jess xo