5 Ways to Flatter a Long Torso

So you've worked out that whenever you try a jumpsuit on you can't stand up without invoking images of that desert animal with humps. You, my friend, like me, have a long torso. And while we'd like to think that we're part of an exclusive club, it just turns out that exclusive club is much larger than you think. It's exactly why we exist!


Soon, you'll be able to wear a jumpsuit (samples are being made now - woohoo!!) though until then, here's some ways to look fabulous with what's in stores at the moment. 


1. Tunics are our Friend

Ever tried putting on a nice top and struggled to tuck it in? That's why we need tunics, long tops that sit on or just above our Crotch. They balance the body and are forgiving for our (usually) bigger hips. We need to add in some silhouette as we've softened the top, so pair them with some skinny jeans or leggings, so people can see your sexy shape!

Tunic Top for Long Torsos Tunic Tops for Long Torso 2

Check out the Gwynneco Silken Swish Top in Pink or White to brush the hips and lengthen your legs (tucked in or out!)


2. High Waists Lengthen Legs

Sometimes this feels a little counter intuitive, like you're making your body look longer, given you already have comparatively a high waist - trust me on this! The problem for the moment is that maybe you buy high waist and they end up just being 'normal' or they give you muffin top because they cut away into a waist measurement where your hips are. For Skirts, look no further than our Snakeskin or (so comfy you'll think you're wearing tracky pants) Black! 

High Waists for Long Torsos  High Waist Shorts for Long Torsos 


3. Avoid Ankle Straps and Cut Offs

When we have a long torso our end game is in lengthening our legs for balance. Ankle straps, low waists and cut off / capri jeans cut the line of the legs and make them appear short. It sucks given that Mary Janes are back in season (and fabulous!) though if you love them, look for ones where the T Ends low on the top of the foot, or pumps look simple, elegant and always in fashion (and go with everything!).

Classic and Simple Pumps for Long Torsos Mary Janes that Work to Lengthen the Leg


4. Flare Adds Volume and Adds Length

By having a skirt that fits your waistline and then flares out over your hips the volume creates the illusion of a longer length. Hem the skirt just on or slightly above your knee and your legs will look loooooong. Pair this with number 3 above and people will think you have legs for days! The other bonus is, it shows off your sexy waist and softens your hips. If you're brave, pair it with a crop top, if not, a simple t-shirt with a statement necklace or earring will look fabulous!

  Full Skirts for Long Torsos


5. Single Colours Rock Our World!

Wearing a single colour and making it fabulous with statement shoes or jewelry also lengthens your entire silhouette. The colour I nearly always choose is black, but don't let that stop you from branching out. If you use two bold colours and have it cut across any part of your body (except for your waist), it will slice you in half and make your body look even longer. So try single colours and statement accessories. Check our the Friday Dress in Snakeskin or Plain Black for Monochrome Glam. 

Single Colour Outfit for Long Torsos  Single Colour Dress for Long Torsos


Hopefully, this helps you put together an outfit that accentuates your gorgeous body and makes you feel fabulous and confident! If you have any questions - ask away!

Jess xo