How to Accesorise 3 Common Necklines

A question I get asked a lot is 'What jewelry do I wear with .... insert tricky neckline here'. I get it. It's been a lot of trial and error.. and error, for me to understand! So let's make it easy for you, so you don't have to error so much - or just go without because it seems to hard. Today we'll go through collars, crew necks and one shoulder, if you've got others you struggle with let me know and I'll help you out with those too!


1. Collars

The collar is one of my FAVOURITE necklines. There are so many things you can do with it, so a simple well cut white collared shirt can look like 10 different shirts just by changing up your accessories, closing the collar opening it or putting it up. 

Collar Closed - and if this is my favourite neckline, having the collar closed with a HUGE necklace is my favourite way to wear it. But don't let me sway you, there's plenty of ways to do it and you get to choose what you love. What's a LITTLE frustrating with this look is that a lot of shirts don't reinforce their collars these days, so you can spend a bit of time throughout the day fixing it up. (Good news - our new shirts are SERIOUSLY strong - I wonder why I decided to do this... ;) ) Here are a couple of ways you could do it.

Olivia Palermo Collared shirt  Collared Shirt with Necklace


Collar Open - This is the easiest, most risk free way of styling your collared shirt and you can play ith light necklaces or chunky ones. The key is to have the bottom of the necklace finishing just above the first button. 

Chunky Necklace inside Collar  


Upturned Collar - I like to call this the 'grown up' way to wear a collar. Don't ask my why, I think it just adds an extra level of class, particularly if it actually stays up.. see above re: reinforced collars... So if you do have a great shirt that will stay up, here's a few ways you can accessorise. I can't find an image with some great earrings, though a killer cut shirt and big statement earrings (see this blog) also looks amazing!

Upturned Collar with Jacket  Upturned Collar with Choker


2. Crew Necks

The beauty of a crew neck is that it's essentially a blank slate. So you can look at collar style necklaces, HUGE earrings with a headband, long necklaces, statements, you name it. So here's a bunch of examples!

Crew Neck with Small Necklace  Crew Neck with Statement Necklace  Crew Neck with Scarf  Crew Neck with Earrings  Crew Neck with Jacket  Crew Neck with Becklace - Cate Blanchett


3. One Shoulder

Ohhh this boy is tricky! The easiest way to accessorise one shoulder is with some really fab earrings. This works particularly well if your shoulder has some type of detail, like a ruffle or a tie. Alternatively, you can look for a long line necklace, this is great if you've got a really plain one shoulder or off the shoulder top or dress.

One Shoulder with Big Earrings  Ruffles and Earrings  One SHoulder and Long  Jumpsuit & Earrings


So is there a neckline you love that you're not sure how to accesorise? Let me know and I'll do a new blog for you. 


Much love, 

Jess xo