3 Easy Ways to Accessorise a Monochrome Outfit

Last week we talked all about how a single colour outfit will lengthen a short torso - yay! And the single colour I generally choose is black... because black. After chatting with some Gwynneco fans who were giving it a go, I was asked on how to best accessorise a monochrome outfit to make it even more fabulous. So here goes!


1. Statement Earrings

Come Spring this year statement earrings are "out". But not really, they're just moving to a different theme - that is, instead of giant tassels, we're looking at big rattan and raffia earrings; raffia with tassels; shells; and big, yet delicate, silver or gold earrings (Shop them here). When you have pierced ears, this is the easiest way to make a statement, Here's some inspo for you!

Black Statement Earrings   Gold Statement Earrings

 You can shop earrings here. 

2. Scarves

The beauty of scarves is that depending on the weight of the scarf, you can wear them all year round. I have a leopard print scarf that I bought around 5 years ago and I still get comments every time I wear it (see, Leopard Print NEVER went out!). Coming in Spring is the trend of adding scarves to your hair and your bag, though today we'll just talk about the old fashioned way to wear a scarf - around your neck! Here's my sneaky - get the scarf right every time - trick: knots! If you tie your scarf ends together (use opposite corners of the scarf) then slip it over your head twice, you'll get a neat hang that you don't have to worry about all day. Clear as mud? Let me know and I'll do a video on IGTV for you!

Small Scarf  Large Scarf


3. My all-time Favourite - Chunky Necklaces

A signature Gwynneco move is a completely over the top chunky necklace on a monochrome outfit. Without fail EVERY time I do this (which is basically every day) I get at least one comment. If I'm going 'understated' I'll do black on black, or if I'm 'dressing up' anything goes - diamantes, chunky chains, pearls - you name it. We'll have some in store for you HERE and here's some inspiration! And yes.. this one's me ;)

Chunky Necklace  Chunky Necklace


Which one is your favourite? And which one will you try? Pop it on instagram and tag us @gwynneco so we can see! 

Much love, 

Jess xo