2019 Winter Styles

Last week we talked winter colours, now let's add in the styles that are trending for you to play with. Now, there are a few styles that are trending that I'm not on board with, I'm just passing on a message. Just sayin. 


1. Animal Print

Winter 2019 Leopard Print

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This trend isn't going anywhere, in fact, for Winter it's ramping up. So grab your favourite leopard print accessory and turn it into an outfit! And for this season it's not just leopard print, but any animal print - it's safari time!


2. Mixing Textures

Tom Ford - Textures 2019

This outfit by Tom Ford is a masterclass in mixing textures. Sticking with the same tone, he mixed velvet, satin, wool and sheer for a stunning effect. 

You might already have a satin camisole in your closet, so start with that and see what depth you can add in with wool or velvet. 


3. Mixing Prints




 Clashing Prints - Winter 2019

As a lover of all things classic this scares me a little, though there are small steps to take if you're new to it. First up, start small, try clashing a print back with a print dress. Or use your outerwear to clash, like a print dress and a different print blazer. Or to start even smaller, go with the safe option - spots and stripes!


4. The Tote is "Back"

Winter 2019 - The Tote

I'm not 100% sure when the Tote left, but good news, it's back! Well at the very least, it's particularly on trend this season. It's great news for people like me who carry their life in their handbag. In plain colours or in print, give it a go!


5. Socks and Peep Toes

Socks and Sandals - Winter 2019

Apparently, it's a thing. Prada even has beautiful mesh "socks" you can buy - aka Knee Highs - however, I just can't. 


As per usual when it comes to trends, pick something you love, pair it with something classic and roll it to the back of the closet for the next time it comes around (I'm going looking for Mum's velvet pumps from the early 90's!). 


Jess xo