12 Ways to Wear a Pencil to Any Occasion (And 3 Rules to Help You Start)

Think Pencil Skirts are just for boring suits? Think again! The Pencil Skirt is THE most versatile item in your wardrobe (well, apart from a white t-shirt - good news, they go together!) and can be dressed up or down in the height of Summer AND in Winter. Not sure how? Read on!


Before we get to the looks, let's go through some pencil 'rules' - feel free to break them if you want to, though they are a great place to start. 


  1. Show your Waist. The pencil shows off your hips. If you're anything like me, you may have large hips (long torsos tend to), so we don't want to look like a giant walking rectangle. How do we do that? We tuck! You'll see everyone one of these pictures are a little tuck or a full tuck. And don't be afraid of jackets, either keep them short or wear a different colour top to skirt, to show where your waist is. Belts around your waist are also spot on. 
  2. The Length is Important. It can spell the difference between fabulous and frumpy. For long torsos, stick to knee length or just above - this helps lengthen your legs. This length is also perfect for wider hips, as it keeps your hips balanced with your height. Longer pencils are great for athletic shapes and long legs.
  3. Experiment. You'll surprise yourself by just how many outfits you have already in your closet with the addition of a pencil skirt. Try different textured tops; t-shirts to dress down; camisoles for Summer and chunky knits for winter. 

Here's some inspiration to get you going:


The Casual Pencil Skirt

Even if you have a plain black pencil skirt, pair it with a white t-shirt, white sneakers, and a denim jacket and boom - you've gone from it 'only being an office skirt' to fabulous Saturday brekkie outfit.  If you've got a bold print, then again, pair it with a plain t-shirt and some sneakers (or a cami and sandals in Summer), and away you go for a walk by the beach. Get the Gwynneco Skirt in Plain Black, it's perfect for these looks!

Black Pencil with Jacket Leopard Print Pencil  Summer Pencil Skirt


The Fabulous Office Pencil Skirt (eg. No Boring Work Suit Here)

Back in the power suit days of the 80's and 90's, a matching shoulder-padded jacket and pencil skirt were the go-to - no matter what the print was. These days, we're savvier. Bright prints, awesome textures and matching with cool shirts and amazing accessories (See Here for more accessory tips). Play with bright colours and white (or black), bold prints (and if you're brave, clash them), and different textures, like the leather and silk shown here. While some of these are showing long pencil skirts as mentioned above, just shorten them if need be!

Bright Pencil Skirt  Office Pencil Skirt  Work Pencil Skirt


The Sexy & Sophisticated Pencil Skirt

Ever worn a pencil skirt to a bar? I did and I got compliments from men AND women. They're super sexy and will stand you out from all the mini skirts on display. Though most importantly, it'll make you FEEL like a million bucks! Ready to give it a try? Formula: Pencil Skirt + Sexy Top + Amazing Heels. Check out the Gwynneco Skirt in Snakeskin to work this look! Here's some inspo:

Sexy Pencil Skirt Look  Sequin Pencil Skirt  Priyanka Pencil Skirt

While these skirts are all a little fancy. You can use your black 'for work' skirt and choose a sequin top, or a plain top and CRAZY-OVER-THE-TOP-AMAZING accessories. 


Other Looks We Love

Just because. 

Pencil Skirt  Chunky Knit Pencil Skirt  Pencil Skirt for Wedding


Need a pencil skirt to get started? My long torso ladies, check them out here in Snakeskin or in plain black which is the tracksuit pants of skirts - they're that comfy!